Friday, September 18, 2009


Policeman MacCruiskeen smiled at the mention of food and went into the back room loosening his belt as he went; after a moment we heard the sounds of coarse slobbering as if he was eating porridge without the assistance of spoon or hand. The Sergeant invited me to sit at the fire in his company and gave me a wrinkled cigarette from his pocket.

'It is a lucky thing for your pop that is situated in Amurikey,' he remarked, 'if it is a thing that he is having trouble with the old teeth. It is very few sicknesses that are not from the teeth.' 'Yes,' I said. I was determined to say as little as possible and these unusual policeman first show their hand. Then I would know how to deal with them.

'Because a man can have more disease and germination in his gob than you'll find in a rat's arse and Amurikey is a country where the population do have grand teeth like shaving lather or like bits of delph when you break a plate.'

'Quite true,' I said.

'Or like eggs under a black crow.'

'Like eggs,' I said.

'Did you ever happen to visit the cinematograph in your travels?'

'Never' I answered humbly, but I believe it is a dark quarter and little can be seen at all except the photographs on the wall'.

'Well it is there you see the fine teeth they do have in Amurikey,' said the Sergeant.

On radio Ulster there was a discussion about protecting people from threats. Several callers from every community were on the phone telling their experiences of intimidation and how they have been forced to flee their homes after the PSNI warned them about threats on their lives.

One family who got a threat had to move immediately.The Father was unfortunately for the family, a member of the discredited PSNI and had a stroke shortly afterwards, which the family say was down to the stress of losing his home and living in fear of the IRA shooting him. However the housing executive and Stormont government couldn't be bothered to provide them with a new home.

Various other PSNI families who have been warned by their communities to move, have spoken out about how the PSNI had refused to help them. The fact of the matter is simple, the PSNI will not help them at all and the housing executive cant be bothered to re-house them either.

Then a PSNI MAN who was also originally, one of the hated RUC for 18 years, came on the phone. Everyone thought he was going to defend the PSNI but he claimed that after a death threat on his own life he recieved no protection from the PSNI whatsoever.

They didn't even send a car past his house once and they were not able to even fill in the paper work about the threat. After getting more threats, the poor unfortunate man had to go into the police station himself to fax off the details and do the paper work as best he could.

This is all in stark contrast to images of the PSNI painted by the BBC, using licence payers hard earned money to escort loyalist mobs to PSNI homes so they can intimidate them out of loyalist ghettos.

The PSNI are failing miserably according to most ordinary people. The 6 counties are barely being policed atall and in many areas they even refuse to go atall because they are afraid of the local people.

In one instance the Gardai had to cross the border after a road accident, as the PSNI were not allowed by the IRA to police that particular area.

The PSNI who have been ordered from their homes are not being provided with new homes elsewhere either as they are not wanted in most law abiding communities across the great divide.

One loyalist complained, "It seems the warlords are getting a stranglehold on society and republican rule is going unpunished everywhere.This sort of activity is surely rising, while decent god fearing people get their lives turned upside down and they get away with it. It seems we have a police force who make Chief Wigam look like a professional.

There seems to be a massive amount of police for marches around July but then they vanish off the streets for another year. I could see a sharp increase in fenian activity, as people start to realise that her Majesty's writ isnt being enforced in any way and loyalists do not recieve protection, even if they are police themselves.

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