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The Olympic Games have prostituted themselves to be the most effective marketing platform in the world, to billions of consumers, in more than 200 countries around the world. Money generated by business partnerships, amounts to over 40% of Olympic revenue. In exchange sponsorship, companies get marketing rights in territories, category with various Olympic logos and images.

The following companies are TOP Partners for the London 2012 Olympic Games. McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Panasonic, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, Omega, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, VISA and Nike. Organisers in London along with the International Olympic Committee, are policing everything to protect more than 53 sponsors and partners from locall business. Businesses who did not pay sponsorship from £5 million to £100 million are policed out by officials.

Small businesses with venues in east London, won't be allowed to operate normally, with one owner saying, "What they talked about was winning the Olympic bid based on diversity, support for the local area and support for the local businesses, but we've been shut out." While the Olympics are accused of using the Games to "greenwash" unethical corporations who sponsor.

The Olympic so-called TOP sponsors, pay a minimum of $100m each for 10-year contracts, while Tier One sponsors for London alone. have paid £40m each. London 2012 organizers, have raised £700m locally. Dow's sponsorship is controversial, as campaigners claim it has debts because of its1984 Bhopal disaster in India, which killed 20,000 people. Recently protesters led by MPs, including London mayor candidate Ken Livingstone, have many more grievances. BP is also a target of protest groups, which includes the UK Tar Sands Network who believe the extraction of polluting tar sands, combined with the Deepwater Horizon disaster, make BP "one of the least sustainable companies on earth".

Rio Tinto using metal from their controversial Utah mine make the medals, while being the number one emitter of toxins, known to harm human health. Greenwash Gold 2012 Campaign has condemned multinational sponsors such as BP, Rio Tinto and Dow Chemical Company, paying huge sums to become Olympic sponsors, stressing these three companies alone, have caused environmental degradation, damaged public health and failed to clean up their pollution.

London's Orwellian Blood Olympics carry criminal sanctions, for violating the exclusivity of elite sponsors' brands, with special hit  squads of "brand police" forcing pubs to take down signs of free TV viewing, to removing stickers with the brand-names other than those products made by the games' sponsors. The special hit  squads of "brand police" are also sending takedown notices to YouTube and Facebook of anything related to occupied Ireland, political prisoners of conscience, internment without trial or games visitors, who have the cheek to post personal images for friends to see. These rules have been made criminal ones, so violating the sponsors means the "brand police" will probabaly end up imprisoning restless Londoner natives.

Images or words suggesting a link with the Games is also criminal. Any two from the following list: Games, Two Thousand and Twelve, 2012, Twenty-Twelve combined with London, medals, sponsors, summer, gold, silver or bronze is another likely term of imprisonment. London's Olympic bid insisted on these restrictions to get sponsors, making promises to restrict free speech and personal expression. As Olympic sponsors insist on even more restrictions and surveillance than the previous games, suggesting a promise in the near future to imprison all non-attendees and permanently tattoo sponsors' logos such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, the British Crown on the faces and chests of all those non-ticket-buyers from British Occupied Ireland.

London Olympics claim to be the greenest ever, has been dismissed vehemently as “corporate spin” by human rights groups, who launched a campaign against the toxic blood sponsors. Aside from the British Empire itself being accused of crimes against humanity in Occupied Ireland, Meredith Alexander the Olympics “ethics tsar” has resigned in opposition to the chemical firms’ who sponsor and will lead human rights activists from the United States, Canada, India, Ireland which is gathering international momentum. She said Britain has broken its promise to be the greenest games ever, by picking toxic sponsors such as Dow one of the most polluted sites on the planet; a major mining polluter, Rio Tinto and BP who are involved in the dirtiest form of oil. BP was responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in Alberta, Canada a carbon intensive operation, polluting and damaging the eco system.

There is nothing green about the Bloody London Olympics, certainly not from any real Irish people left in Occupied Ireland, Britain has more political prisoners of conscience per head of the population than China and it certainly engages in more fascist censorship, than the People Republic or even Hitler's Nazi book burners of Munich ever did. NO ! the whole corporate set up and Orwellian backdrop of the London Olympics is bloody indeed.



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Bloody London Olympic Boycott

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Bloody London Olympic Boycott

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Olympic Boycott
Boycott Olympics London and its sponsors : McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Panasonic, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, Omega, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, VISA and Nike.
Boycott Olympics London and its sponsors : McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Panasonic, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, Omega, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, VISA and Nike.

The major corporate sponsors of the London Olympics have failed to uphold their own principles of corporate social responsibility, Sponsors have failed to speak out individually or collectively about human rights abuses and ongoing genocide in Ireland, linked to the London Olympics and should be prepared to support the establishment of a permanent body within the International Olympic Committee to monitor human rights abuses of future Olympic locations.

Corporations should publicly voice their support for the human rights dimension of the Olympic Charter, which seeks to promote the “respect for universal fundamental ethical principles” and the “preservation of human dignity”.

Demand that the British fulfill their human rights obligations as a location of the games, in particular in their instance with regard to media freedom.

The sponsors should urge the release by Britain of all of human rights and political prisoner activists such as Marian Price who are interned without trial.

Press the IOC to establish a standing committee or mechanism to address human rights abuses in future host countries, including Britain with their ongoing human rights abuses and crimes against humanity in British Occupied Ireland.

Until Britain and its money orientated partners start putting people ahead of profit, we call on all civilized people to;

Boycott Olympics London and its sponsors : McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Panasonic, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, Omega, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, VISA and Nike.
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Lady R. Exposes Racist 2012 Zion Olympics



London : United Kingdom | May 06, 2012 at 1:03 AM PDT
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Irish rebel song about a little Island the greedy British cant keep their hands off.The british soldier in the video survived incase anyone was interested.

'You'll get F*** all from Rockall!'

Oh the empire is finished no foreign lands to seize 
So the greedy eye of England is turning towards the seas 

Two hundred miles from Donegal, there's a place that's called Rockall 
And the groping hands of Whitehall are grabbing at its walls 

Oh rock on Rockall, you'll never fall to Britain's greedy hands 
Or you'll meet the same resistance that you did in many lands 
May the seagulls rise and pluck your eyes and the water crush your shell, 
And the natural gas will burn your ass and blow you all to hell. 

This rock is part of Ireland, for its written in folklore 
That Finn McCool took a sod of grass and he threw it to the fore, 
Then he tossed a pebble across the sea, where ever it did fall, 
For the sod became the Isle of Man and the pebble's called Rockall. 

Now the seas will not be silent, while Britannia grabs the waves 
And remember that the Irish will no longer be her slaves, 
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The Olympic Village in London was last night the victim of a devastating butt bomb bomb attack. British police initially suspected the those behind the attack were liberation forces from either the Malvinas or Rockall. However eye witnesses say that a young white man, yes that’s white, entered the building disguised in a Burberry and a flap-cap. Posing as a sprinter and looking like Borat the suicide bomber detonated his butt bomb. A sniffer dog was killed in the explosion.
First in line to pay his respects about the awful, terrible tragedy was David Cameron. “I just can’t express in words how truly sorry I am for this awful, terrible, awful tragedy. Back when I was a lad I always wanted to be a Lord Mayor. Boris's sniffer dog was a great inspiration to me. The loss will be an unmatched loss to Britain” Boris was quick to jump on the bandwagon: “In this time of tragedy…etc. blah. blah, blah..”
His sister “space-hopper” Sally, who survived the blast, had this to say from her hospital bed: “We’d just finished celebrating when in burst this maniac saying things I can’t repeat here, awful things about 'Lefty Crap' the Irish and the Malvinas and then he just blew himself up”. Fortunately, The BBC has managed to get a copy of the broadcast and has found that amongst other things the maniac called Boris a “droopy balding fossil” and also alleged that Sally sexually abused farmyard animals.
Police have said they suspect Jonathan Goodlad the suicide bomber of 18 Tarence Street, Wimbledon, (010438839751693), of committing the crime and are calling on journalists to badger his relatives and find out the truth.
The BBC spoke to the suspect's mother Jodie (45) who told their snail paced response team: “Well that explains what he was doing in the shed all the time with the explosions and then asking me to lend him money for gunpowder. Of course if I’d known that the Olympics bothered him that much I would have just not voted for him.” The suspect's father Dicky had this to say “He always did take after his mother.” The only information we could glean from his brother Ted was that he was only, in fact, the suspect’s half brother.
Later in the day it was revealed that Duncan had left a video diary. In it he says “This fossil is just so irritating. I’m doing the world a favour getting rid of the London Olymics. I mean why do people want to vote for such a racist bigots. The BBC has announced that in memory of the dead bulldog, they will be having a moment of silence continuously for the next three months. They urged viewers to tune in to pay their respects RIP.
London's Lord Mayor Boris after his escape and recent election victory was celebrating and pacing up and down in open-fly readiness for the Olympic Games as he spurted the vast contents of his outsize bladder high into the air, describing a golden arc from Aldwych in the South to the Caledonian Road in the North visible for miles around, as screaming victims from his racist bigotry tumbled from the upper deck of their buses above their heads and floated downstream on the rising tide of Olympic Borismania pouring from the waterlogged pants of thousands of startled racist bigoted, Tory spectators, their urinary tracts blissfully relaxed by discharging pint after pint of pent-up pints down their sodden legs into the swirling open urinal that was formerly called the Thames.
BrianClarkenuj is based in Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.
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BOYCOTT LONDON OLYMPICS ! Demand Human Rights British Occupi... on Twitpic

BOYCOTT LONDON OLYMPICS ! Demand Human Rights British Occupi... on Twitpic:

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BOYCOTT LONDON OLYMPICS ! Demand Human Rights British Occupied Ireland !

London with their repressive regime in Occupied Ireland should not have been awarded the Olympics

Boycotting to highlight human rights abuse, internment without trial and torture in British Occupied Ireland

Repressive regimes do not represent Olympic values, Say NO to London !

States can prevent their contingents participating in sports events held by repressive regimes from London

States prevent contingents participating in events by repressive regimes such as the British Occupied Ireland

The British crackdown in Occupied Ireland, has interned many innocent Irish people without trial and has sparked international outrage. While the Olympics brings countries together across all differences, allowing us to express our shared humanity. in friendly athletic competition, the Olympic Games in London nevertheless is not acceptable with a regime, that has visited genocide on Ireland and is continuing to torture Irish prisoners of political conscience in solitary confinement without trial a form of politics threatening the future of the Olympics themselves. So Britain must be made understand that its human rights record in occupied Ireland, is not acceptable by any civilized standards.

BOYCOTT LONDON OLYMPICS ! Demand Human Rights ! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Human rights concerns In British Occupied Ireland. Internment without trial of political prisoners. Solitary confinement and torture of Marian Price a prisoner of conscience kidnapped by autocrat Ghengis Pater Son.

Ongoing British emergency laws with harassment and intimidation of civilians. Ongoing collusion between British occupation forces, intelligence and loyalist sectarian paramilitaries; with unjust killings and murders along with excessive punishments and degrading strip-searching in prisons.

British government still behaving unlawfully and immorally, with respect to the murders of innocent people with ongoing ill-treatment in their interrogation centres and their corruption of the legal process.

Human Rights Watch's children's rights division a general expert in children, has conducted human rights investigations and written reports on abuses of children in Occupied Ireland by the British.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BLACK OPS IN ENGLAND: Killing a Welshman

Following increased reports of Black ops in Ireland, I myself was forced last night, to lodge a formal statement with my local Thai police station, when 2 road vehicles attempted on 4 different occasions last night to cause attempts to take my life or cause serious injury. The reports are duly witnessed, signed and stamped by senior police officers for the record. I would like to add that, I am at this stage, in no position to say who may have directed this. Which takes us to a high profile case in the heart of the City of London and says much about the British state.

Gareth Williams an MI6 code breaker has been unlawfully killed, ‘on the balance of probabilities’ according to a British state coroner, which has raised critical question even from the British right-wing media. For example even its most right wing Dail Mail asked;

 a) "Why, given the hugely sensitive nature of Mr Williams’ job, did the intelligence service wait eight days to inform the police he was missing from work?"

 b) "For what reason did MI6 withhold potentially crucial evidence – including nine computer memory sticks – from police investigating his possible murder?" 

The crime scene at his Pimlico flat, where Mr Williams was found locked inside a holdall in the bath dead, had just a tiny amount of DNA suggesting the flat was professionally ‘cleaned’? Additionally his eletronic data had been wiped.

 Dr Fiona Wilcox the coroner said yesterday that most of the important questions of how Mr Williams died remained, ‘unanswered’. She also delivered a damning observation that MI6 had been unhelpful in the investigation adding that while the evidence did not prove that Mr Williams died at the hands of MI6, ‘it is still a legitimate line of inquiry’.

Gareth William's family fear he was murdered by a specialist ‘in the dark arts of the secret services’ and are unlikely to forgive MI6 for not reporting Mr Williams missing for over a week which meant it was impossible for pathologists to establish if he had been poisoned.

The British Injustice system wants further dictatorial powers to hold such and inquest in privacy in the future. The terrible betrayal of his Welsh family, along with his service to the British begs the question, if they treat one of their own in this way in secrecy, how do they treat, say for example, legitimate political Irish activists, who challenge their occupation in Ireland or elsewhere?

There are a hell of a lot of people in occupied Ireland, who can give first hand accounts of British injustice and attempts on their lives,  sometimes contracted to a third party both loyalist and pseudo-republican.

There are also many who are six feet under, who can't tell anyone about their experience of British black ops in occupied Ireland.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes Black ops or Black operations in the following manner: "A black operation or black op is a covert operation typically involving activities that are highly clandestine and often outside of standard military protocol or even against the law.

Black ops missions often fit into the plausible deniability category, in which there is no claim of responsibility for the action, and/or a false flag operation is used to give the appearance that another actor was responsible, or – most often – black operations involve extensive arrangements so as to be able to hide the fact that the black operation ever occurred. Black military operations, or paramilitary operations, can be used by various secret services to achieve or attempt to achieve an unusually sensitive goal.

The methods used in black operations are also used in unconventional warfare. Depending on the precise situation in a given case, and the level of authoritarianism of the national government or other responsible party, some tasks will be conducted as black operations, while there are usually other activities that can be admitted openly. Black operations may include such things as assassination, sabotage, extortion, spying on allied countries or one's own citizens, kidnapping, supporting resistance movements, torture, use of fraud to obtain funds, use of child soldiers, human experimentation, trafficking in contraband items, and false flag operations, among others."

From first hand personal experience, I would strongly advise anyone who has experienced such activity, to go to a quality lawyer or a trusted independent party for a complete, witnessed record, formally stamped for the record with copies kept in safe places.

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London Olympics International Boycott Call by Irish Human Rights Activists

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The appointment of two unelected Englishmen in British Occupied Ireland as unaccountable tyrants by Britain's geriatric despotic regime Her Majesty's service, is Monty Pythonesque in its absurdity bearing in mind the pretence of a peace process there. However the subsequent kidnap by the appointed British despots of one of Ireland's most respected human rights and political prisoner activists, who herself spent 200 days on hunger strike being force fed and now almost a year of torture by the appointed Ghengis Pater Son's kidnappers in solitary confinement, is truly taking agent provocateur of the process, to the extreme. 

While the appointment of the unelected Englishmen to overrule all local Irish politicians, smacks of desperation and a juvenile regard for both the Irish and the peace process, their subsequent overrule of the judiciary and even their own Majesty's royal prerogative of Mercy, confirms that the other palace on the Thames, is actually the one calling the shots of Empire from the City of London currently. The constant patronizing references to Pater Son as the architect of the Tory/Loyalist electoral alliance and his subsequent appointment to their splittist clique would be amusing in its absurdity, if it was not so callous and such a traversity of the truth of their mutual bigotry and sectarianism. 

The appointments in reality are the nepotism of the foxhunting horsey set, from their respective gentry. Internment without trial, concentration camps, blood sports both human and animal, are just the start of their mutual interests. While the local sectarian Lord Faulkner broke his neck and kicked the bucket, the English Tory currently at breakneck speed trying to emulate him, ovruling the Irish to still legally chase the Irish fox. The English Tory and would be Ghengis Khan has also been seriously injured almost breaking his own neck recently, with the blood thirsty insane sadist, said to be in considerable pain. Paddy power is giving short odds that an Irish hunter like Faulkner's, will do the business and dump the Tory autocrat properly next time.  

Mind you, since when has truth and justice ever been part and parcel of Britain’s political currency in occupied Ireland ? Hopefully the growing international condemnation of Ghengis Pater Son's internment without trial in Ireland, coupled with a growing call for an International Olympic boycott, will cause a rethink amongst sportsmen and women of conscience worldwide and cause a dramatic decrease of public interest in the olympic games in London this year. The Human Rights Boycott is believed to be gathering momentum particularly in the USA.

In the meantime, the Free Marian Price campaign and end Internment Ireland are racheting up the pressure on its own gombeen Irish politicians as well as their Irish American politicians, particularly in their Presidential race. The local and International business community, the international media along with the general public to keep the issue of Britain's political kidnap of Marian Price, internment, torture and a call for a boycott of the London Olympics firmly at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds internationally.