Saturday, January 14, 2012

The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in ... on Twitpic

The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in ... on Twitpic

The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in Occupied Ireland of Marian Price, a political prisoner of conscience, is illegal in every sense of the word.

1. It breaks the terms and spirit of the much touted, so called Peace Process in Occupied Ireland.

2. It overrules the orders of their own British courts to release Marian Price immediately.

3. It overrules a Queen's Pardon given to Marian Price for activity ordered by former IRA O.C. and President of today's British Sinn Fein Gerry Adams almost 40 years ago.

Marian's internment is a provocation by the British and their industrial war complex, for further war in Ireland, to experiment and develop counter insurgency with bloated securocrat budgets, techniques and equipment. Irish resistance will always meet that challenge until there is a genuine peace based on JUSTICE for everyone in Ireland.

Marian Price and her human rights have suffered the following at the hands of the British

‎a.) Politically Interned

b.) The only female in a male prison.

c.) In Solitary Confinement for 8 months.

d-) Force fed 400 times on 200 days of hunger strike.

e.) Censored by media on order of British.

f.) Tortured

If you are a civilized human being, with a bit of nature and commonsense still left in you, please sign the following link for Marian's immediate release at her CAUSE in the following link;

BBC BRUTISH BULLSCUTTER COPERATIONDon't even give them a chance to launch their Bullscutter !Oh, no. Brutish Bullscutter Coperation. Don't come fucking near me today. Dear Jaysus, you Kerry fucking recruits and gobshites all over the Irish media are their by-product. There are so many things I could say to express my deep mistrust and yes, anger of these new media Irish opinion makers. Their world service can be a titillating export but their rampant censorship of the restless native's replies stinks to high heaven, of arrogance, cultural imperialism and age old repression. I don't vote right wing as far as I know, so maybe that also explains my antagonism to them. I don't believe the Brutish Bullscutter Coperation, which henceforth will be simply called the BBC, offer anything approximating legitimate alternatives for this country, indeed any country but thats their business. I disagree with their monarchy, class system of commoners, lords, inherited privilige and intolerance of diversity or alternatives.Lest you think nationalism is blinding me, do not confuse my rants against Brutish Bullscutter with the many Scottish, English and Welsh friends I have known down through the years, most of whom are the salt of the Earth in my opinion and great people.It goes against every fibre of my being and tradition to be rude to people but you have got to stand up for your identity these days or become a smiling zombie product of their pundits and seductive manipulating bullscutter. Brutes are people too but we must take this tour d'arse with all of its insanity, as a relief from the bland sanitized, couldn't give a fuck mercenary BULLSCUTTER ! of our age.

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