Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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Word on the street is that a secret deal has been done between the Unionist and the SDLP who's candidate is simply a spoiler against Sinn Fein in Fermanagh/South Tyrone in return for sweet deals and media contracts awarded by the local council to SDLP businessmen.

If true I can see both Unionist and SDLP candidate up on fraud charges. I am surprised the local media haven't followed up on it but perhaps they are untouchables too. It will interesting to see if the God fearing Unionist people will vote for this fraudulent SDLP/Unionist alliance.

 What is it about Ireland, that so many crooks and gombeens are elected by the people. and its not just a Catholic mafia thing in Fermanagh /South Tyrone. Have the Conservative party organized this fraud ?? 

Is it surprising that revolution is still the choice of THINKING traditional republicans, with so much corrupt gombeen politicians chasing the Queen's shilling ???

This is an utter disgrace and the media silence is deafening in Ireland.

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