Friday, January 1, 2010

RUC/PSNI Stand Accused Amid Adam's Soundbites

The RUC/PSNI despite considerable anger are still not prosecuting the Adams case and stand accused of being involved in wholesale child abuse, following  revelation that a thirteen-year-old boy from the Ardoyne area was
"blackmailed by the
discredited force into working as a low level informer against his own

The family have been in contact with a reputable human
rights lawyer and have also contacted both the Irish and British
governments with a view to getting the child's case raised at the
European Court of Human Rights."

"But I also hold the very strong view that republicans need to lead by
Quote - Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams the master of vacuous soundbites has himself generated
more than a few recently

"Gerry Adams is a Liar " more than 20 publications have said thia.

"As a Catholic, albeit one who has much difficulty with many of the
religion's tenets, I am shocked and ashamed by this particular cover-up."

"While I sympathise to a certain extent with sincere Catholics who
refuse to acknowledge the perverted crimes of so many you should be aware
that your wilful ignorance of these criminal acts puts yet more
children at risk even now. There comes a point where deliberate
refusal to see the facts makes an accomplice of even the most decent
of people.
My faith and the sanctity of a child's innocence come first for me."

"They were assisted by the " GARDA "police force of Ireland:' to rape,
terrorise, and destroy innocent children's lives:
What they have done in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who died on
the cross to save us all, is beyond words.
Sorry if i hurt your feelings, but the truth is a hard pill to swallow."

"The arrogance is astounding. would Jesus think this was
representative of his church or would he condemn them. By their fruits
you shall know them Jesus says anyone who causes a child to sin it
would be better if he had never been born."

Their management style is dogmatic, autocratic and keep mouth shut and
do as you are told; 'we are not here to answer your questions, so
don't accuse us of anything, we are whiter than white. This style of
management went out with Noah's Ark, in their eyes they are
accountable to no-one.

"As a Roman Catholic and as an American..I'm deeply ashamed at the
bowing and grovelling being shown to this horrible man. He gave a
speech the other day "apologizing" for the if he hadn't had
such a part in protecting the abuser. A large spittle hung
in the right corner of his lying, duplicitous mouth. He is the devil
incarnate in patent leather gucci."

" Catholics and Republicans who close their eyes to this awful tragedy
are doing their beliefs no good. Reform it and fix it. Expose
the demons before nothing is left. Sadly"

Gerry Adams facilitated this cover-up and endangered children for
decades by not fulfilling his responsibilities, to ensure the
protection of children in West Belfast and  Muirhevnamor, places that
republican law was applied equally to all and allowing his brother to
be beyond the reach of parents who entrusted Adams with leadership
responsibilities, that included the protection of their children.

Failure to report suspected abuse is against the law and harms
children. Every state has laws that require responsible citizens to
report suspected child abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agency
or child protective service. In Adams case the IRA.  When
circumstances suggest a reasonable suspicion that a child could be a
victim of abuse, a report is required. It is not the job of the
"mandatory reporter" to investigate the facts in these cases. The law
simply directs them to file a report with a law enforcement agency or
child protective service whenever facts might suggest a reasonable
suspicion of abuse.

Mandatory reporters are not permitted to pick and choose which cases
they will report based on their personal opinion. Those who may feel
that there is nothing wrong with adult-child sex cannot simply pretend
child rape is merely consensual sex. By law, an underage girl cannot
consent to sex. Nor does the law allow a mandatory reporter to decide
whether or not a report should be filed based on the statements of the
child, because cover stories are often concocted to cover up cases of

Failure to comply with child abuse reporting laws is a criminal
offense and it is also a felony to assist in perpetrating the ongoing
abuse of a child. If an elected official facilitates child abuse by
their failure to report, the victim and/or her parents may be able to
recover damages against them."

"Given his choice to turn a blind eye to known sexual abuse, the
operator could be targeted not only for obstructing justice by
covering up the crimes, but perhaps even as an ongoing accomplice to

Rev Thomas Doyle, a US Air Force chaplain in Germany and a specialist
in Church law, has said, ‘There are too many authenticated reports of
victims having been seriously intimidated into silence to assert that
such intimidation is the exception and not the norm.’

"And so Adams has visited the sins of the father upon the whole of
Ireland and more particularly republicanism?"

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