Thursday, December 17, 2009


British Cannonfodder

American Cannonfodder

There is no one more qualified than Reg Keys, whose son Tom was killed in Iraq, to comment on Tony Blair's admission that, if he hadn't used the non-existent weapons of mass destruction to justify a war crime, he would have found another "argument" that is, another lie.

As an Irish person on the receiving end of British injustice in Ireland, executed by their military, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Mr. Keys. Your pain is something that people like Blair, Bush or Obama, who have not experienced it, cannot understand. I trust your son rests in peace. Please understand that anything I publish is intended to hasten the day, where sons or daugters will no longer be used as cannonfodder. Unfortunately there will be many more mother's and father's sons lost before that happens.

One of my leading inspirational persons in life, is a former British soldier, this is the wikipedia

LINK: James Connolly

Link to Father of Fallen Soldier

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