Friday, October 16, 2009

Peace Process in Ireland Close to Collapse with Resignation Calls

Calls for the resignations of two leading republican negotiators of the "peace process" in Ireland are growing louder. The growing belief in Ireland is that the 'Process' is finished, as result of British backtracking on key elements of the agreement and a return to full scale warfare in Ireland seems imminent. It is believed that the majority of republicans and nationalists are now opposed to the agreement

McGuinness and Adams were Irish Republican's chief negotiator's of the 'Good Friday Agreement' with the British Government. Many now accuse the British administration of reneging on several key issues of the agreement. McGuinness along with Mr Adams, were the movement's main public face during the lengthy negotiations.

With the public release of wire taps of McGuinness's phone, see link;   and a recent inflammatory statements against other long standing Irish republicans, the calls for the resignations of McGuinness and Adams are growing louder on a daily basis among Irish republicans. See link to a leading Republican publication for details;

With the British getting further bogged down in a protracted conflict in Afghanistan and the deployment of large numbers of troops, many traditional Irish republicans see, "Britain's difficulty as Ireland's opportunity" and a good opportunity to end the British occupation in Ireland once and for all.

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