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40 Years ago there was a peoples uprising in the Bogside in Derry. Ronnie Flanagan's friends the RUC invaded the Bogside. Ronnie's friend "Head Boy Biggot" has just been appointed to lead the PSNI the renamed RUC. The Brits and their propaganda arm the BBC world service have a habit of re-naming their items of shame fancy new names.

Sellafield (formerly known as Windscale, when it released large amounts of radiation in to the Irish Sea) is a nuclear processing close to the village of Seascale on the coast of the Irish Sea.

Long Kesh concentration camp(see Nazi Jewish camps,World War 2),one of the most famous examples of modern internment—and one which made world headlines—occurred in Northern Ireland in 1971, when hundreds of nationalists and republicans were arrested by the British Army and the Royal Ulster Constabulary, tortured and held in these camps. The British Government through its BBC World Service re-named it the Maze.

Hence today we have the PSNI. Following question's raised by Siobhan O'Semtex, as to how exactly an Englishman, is still in charge of policing in any part of Ireland,after 40 years of proven sectarian killing by them, Mrs Flanagan senior, the former Chief Constable of the PSNI's mother, has revealed in an exclusive interview that it was her son who recommended "Head Boy Biggot" as the recently appointed Chief of the PSNI.They were close colleagues who also worked on the National Review of Policing.

She also answered and explained some other issues that dogged her son's tenure as Chief Constable. "He always was a forgetful child," she said. "I remember he would rush out to go to Finiston primary school in Belfast and be back ten minutes later because he'd forgot his lunch. He was always forgetting things like his gym kit on Wednesdays."

As head of the Northern Ireland Police Service (formerly the RUC), like "Head Boy Biggot" Sir Ronnie held one of the most powerful posts occupied by an unelected official in the UK, but if anything, after taking the post in 1996, he became more forgetful, Mrs Flanagan said.

"He popped round for a cup of tea, a few years back and then there was some ambush of something and he had to rush off, but he left his hat behind. The boys told me later that he had trouble giving out orders because they couldn't see the insignia on the hat. Silly boy."

Despite being accused of "defective leadership, poor judgement and a lack of urgency" in a report by Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan over the Omagh bomb, it is more likely that he mislaid some paper or other, his mother said.

Sir Ronnie who strenuously refuted the allegations, threatening to "publicly commit suicide" if they were true and accusing the authors of the report of deciding upon an "erroneous" conclusion before even starting the report and twisting subsequent information to fit that. But that is just Ronnie's way, Mrs Flanagan said: "Oh, he's always been stubborn when it comes to admitting he's wrong. It was the same when Amnesty International and the Bennett Report reported that he had been in charge of torture and illegal beatings in the Castlereagh interrogation centre back in the late 70s."

Mrs Flanagan also wishes he'd just owned up to the illegal shoot-to-kill policy of the specialist SAS-trained anti-terrorist Special Branch team he led in the 80s. "Oh, there was a lot of fuss about that. I remember Ronnie being all riled up. I told him just to tell them he did what he had to do, but he told me that they'd put him in jail if he told the truth."

And again in the 90s, Sir Ronnie's forgetfulness got him in trouble. "Those assurances he gave over the Drumcree marches a couple of years ago. He went round telling everyone he hadn't given them but went he came round that Sunday, I told him I remembered him telling me about them just a week earlier. Silly boy had forgotten. And of course it was too late to do anything then."

Nevertheless, despite his ups and downs, Mrs Flanagan remains enormously proud of her son and even has his picture in his full ceremonial police uniform on the wall of her lounge. "He's a good boy and he's done better than I could ever have hoped for. And he looks after his old mum , what more can a mother ask for? "Head Boy" is also a lovely chap, he and Ronnie are inseperable. I'm so proud of them both.

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