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Baggot Gives Googled a Bad Name !

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Baggot - 14 definitions - A person who sucks dick for the enjoyment of the taste of cum.
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According to Baggot, Irish freedom fighters are "criminals" and his sidekick Lord Londonderry says they are "traitors".

Baggot is also a bible thumping born again zealot, perhaps he has heard of the adage, "By their fruits you will know them".

The following is a sad story about a woman who was terrorised by local thugs for 7 years, and eventually killed herself and her child to get some peace. Baggot who was head of Leicestershire Police in her area in England when all of this happened, has just been given a million pound contract, to head the police force of the North of Ireland and teach the natives in Ireland about proper community policing.

Below is a record of six month's calls to Baggot's police for help, and their lack of response or compassion. It is from the actual police log, so it may have been actually much worse for Fiona Pilkington and her family.

February 1, 2007 Neighbour reports shouting youths outside. No contact made for four days. She writes to her MP: “I really don’t know how to handle anything any more. What do I have to do to keep my children safe?”

February 2 Local woman reports youths smashing bottles at Mrs Pilkington’s home and disabled son is distressed. No one attends

February 8 Grandmother reports youths throwing snowballs at windows. Officer attends. Incident closed

February 13 Mother reports six youths, aged 10 to 14, screaming outside house. No officer available

March 11 Mother reports eight youths, aged 11 to 16, outside house damaging a sign. Community support officer attends and “chats” to youths

April 6 Anthony hit by stones thrown by children as he rides his bike. Officer attends and speaks to youths, who deny stone throwing. Council writes antisocial behaviour letters to parents of the children.

April 19 Mother reports boy trying to make Anthony buy him cigarettes.

June 2 Mother reports children smoking in her drive. Officer attends next day. She and mother agree she is “over-reacting”.

July 3 Mother reports a neighbour accusing her of hitting a child and saying the family is “telling police things”. She appeals for a visit. No one attends.

September 25 Grandmother reports a window broken, the third to be smashed. No one attends until following day. House-to-house inquiries made and advice given.

September 26 Grandmother reports children throwing stones at house. Officer attends. Children hanging around are “advised”.

September 28 Mother reports fifth window smashed. Officer attends. Youth’s father “spoken to”.

October 4 Grandmother reports a youth cycling past throwing stones at window. Claims it was the sixth time in five days. E-mail sent to beat officer. No one attends.

Here is what some of his former constituents in England think of Baggot's police force.

"The British cocksucker police are a private army for the rich and powerful, and everybody else are ‘little people’ who don’t even deserve basic protection".

"If you go down to your local government office and start handing out leaflets to make the public aware that corrupt politicians are going to demolish beautiful mid-19th century stone buildings to put up concrete office boxes, the police will be on you in 5 minutes.
The will knock you about hoping you’ll fight back, search you, cuff you, arrest you, take your mug shots, DNA samples, finger prints, deny you access to a lawyer and keep you in the cells for as long as possible if they can’t fabricate evidence to charge you with anything".

"The British police are cocksuckers who live off jxx spunk. They don’t investigate the crimes of the rich and powerful, or crimes against the Hoi polloi, but they do investigate crimes against the rich committed by ‘little people’ with imminence vigour and unlimited resources.
Also, regarding the ‘little people, they collect money for the 1000s of misdemeanours that are now deemed punishable by an instant fine, and crack the heads of anyone who protests against the status quo (the jxx-controlled autocratic kleptocracy with sock-puppets in office that is Great Britain). They really are loathsome morons and seem semi-automatons with no fucking conscience or humanity. What the fuck happens to them to make them like that at the police training camp?"

"I think it’s true to say almost everybody under 25 years of age in Britain is shit. The things those thug children did to Fiona Pilkington for years are typical of the behaviours of disaffected, disengaged, immoral, habitually miscreant young generation in Britain. They see politicians lying and thieving and getting rich, and they see idiot sports stars earning £millions and getting away with serious violence, and follow the examples of ‘success’.
Anyway, I’m not delving into the bleeding obvious about the young generation, but I do point out that the real terrorists in Britain are the millions of thugs, who seem to be on just about every street corner, looking for victims and property to damage, while the police suck jxx cocks and collect money from the poor."

Fiona Pilkington was a full-time carer of her children with learning difficulties herself, she couldn't afford to move, and was suffering from depression and insomnia as a result of her environment an inquest heard.

May she and her family finally reat in peace, far away from the likes of Baggot's inhumane police state for the powerful and the wealthy.


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